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We are your foremost Deck and Fence contractors in Hutto, Texas. With our Texas native crew, we understand the essentials to adequately and productively cater to your residential or commercial needs.

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At Deck and Fence Pros, our mission is to provide you with the ultimately best deck and fence Services, at the best possible cost.

We handle all types of projects, big or small, with Texas pride and unmatched quality.

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Fence Installation and Repair

fence installation in Hutto TX


Our commitment to reliability shines through our top-tier fence installations and repairs. We prioritize strength and durability, providing solutions that stand the test of time. Trust us for resilient fences that offer both security and lasting quality.


Our approach centers on proactive care through preventative maintenance. We offer comprehensive services geared towards safeguarding your fence investment. By addressing issues early on, we prevent potential problems and ensure the long-term durability and integrity of your fencing.

Deck Installation and Repair

wooden deck installation in Hutto TX


Our team specializes in expeditious deck installation, combining precision and efficiency. Count on our swift services for a meticulously installed deck, meeting the highest standards of craftsmanship.


Proficient in all aspects of deck repair, we offer expert solutions to restore and maintain your deck’s integrity. With precision and professionalism, we handle repairs promptly, ensuring a durable and safe deck environment.

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Nestled in Williamson County, Texas, within the Austin–Round Rock metropolitan area, carries a rich tapestry shaped by its historical landmarks and pivotal events:


  • Hutto Lake Park: This park spans 39 acres and features amenities such as a bird-watching hide, a children’s play area, and spaces for picnicking. It provides a boat ramp, a pier for angling, and a walking path.

  • Downtown Hutto: A hub of heritage, reflecting a blend of Swedish and German immigrant contributions to the city’s growth and culture.

Key Events:

  • Early Settlement: The area thrived with a diverse array of settlers from the Carpenter, Davis, Evans, and other families, cultivating a farming and ranching community.
  • Population Evolution: Over time, Hutto saw an influx of primarily Swedish and German immigrants, shaping its demographic and cultural landscape.

These landmarks and historical events form the foundation of Hutto’s identity, showcasing its diverse heritage, cultural richness, and the story of its growth from its early days to its present status within the Greater Austin area.