Professional Fence and Deck Services in Round Rock, Texas

Our commitment to skilled installation and quality is unwavering. Among other things, our guarantee covers post-installation, structural integrity, and loose parts.  Any structural flaws that cause the fence to become loose or fall off its supports are fully covered

We are thorough, hardworking, enthusiastic, and always friendly to ensure you receive the best services. Our professionals will be by your side every step, from project planning to deck and fence construction. We begin with our highly trained, attentive deck and fence builders to ensure you receive the best results possible.

Decks and fences that are sturdy and solid all year keep your home in good condition while also increasing your privacy. Your backyard will be transformed into a property you will be proud to show off for many years.  Deck installation and repair and fence installation and repair require a skilled eye to ensure that the work is done safely and correctly, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

Round Rock fence and deck pros have the experience to make your outdoor vision a reality, whether a makeover for an existing deck or fence or a completely new fence, deck, gazebo, or pergola!

Committed to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring Structural Soundness with Quality Materials

We, at Round Rock Fence and Deck Pros, prioritize customer satisfaction by ensuring that every structure we build withstands the test of time. Our guarantee encompasses everything from post-installation checks to safeguarding against loose railings. Should any issue arise with the integrity of our installations, our team is committed to addressing and correcting structural flaws promptly.

Precision in Deck and Fence Construction

Deck Builders and Contractors with a Passion for Perfection

Our team of deck builders and contractors takes pride in transforming your outdoor living space with precision and enthusiasm. From the initial assessment, we work hand in hand with our clients to meticulously construct decks and fences that not only meet but exceed expectations. We go beyond merely installing patio covers; our deck designers create spaces that fuse safety with aesthetic appeal.

Building a Lasting Impression for Your Outdoor Space

Our expert fence and deck services ensure that your property’s value, safety, and beauty increase simultaneously. Whether it’s crafting custom high-quality decks, fixing loose railings, or ensuring a secure structure for your family, every project receives our undivided attention.

Preplanning for Punctual and Predictable Results

Project planning is crucial for hitting deadlines without compromising on the quality or ballooning the budget. At Round Rock Fence and Deck Pros, we lock down specifics in advance, from materials to design details. Whatever your vision—a pool deck construction or a serene space wrapped around patio furniture—we’ll have it planned to the letter.

Sustainable Designs for Modern Properties

Leading Deck Designer and Deck Building Contractor

Break away from mundane landscapes by investing in environmental and innovative designs. Whether your preferences lean towards modern outdoor decking or classic covered patios, our deck designers and builders tailor each project to embody your home’s unique character, all within your deck budget.

Meeting Deadlines, Exceeding Expectations

We hold ourselves accountable from the outset, promising on-time delivery of our fence & deck services. Our professional deck contractors diligently work to ensure that the agreed-upon timeline is met without sacrificing our hallmark of quality.

Expert Fence Installation Tailored to Your Needs

Diverse Range of Fence Solutions for Residential and Commercial Properties

No matter the type of fence according to your specific needs—be it for aesthetic enhancement or security for commercial properties—Round Rock Fence and Deck Pros provides expert fence installation services. We excel in a spectrum of styles, from classic wood panels to modern vinyl, ensuring each installation complements your property perfectly.

High-Quality Decks and Fences at Competitive Prices

Our deck professionals optimize the choice of deck materials and construction techniques to offer competitive prices without compromising quality. We tackle everything from ground-level decks to complex multi-tier structures, always using premium deck boards, beams, and posts, to ensure durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of decks can you build or repair?

From patio deck to Pool deck construction, our experienced deck builders and deck repair professionals handle a variety of decking projects, ensuring excellent deck construction every time.

Do you provide custom deck designs?

Yes, as a leading decking contractor, we offer personalized services, crafting decks that integrate seamlessly with your existing exterior covers and outdoor space.

How do you ensure quality in fence and deck projects?

Our team thoroughly inspects all potential issues before deck construction and uses only high-quality materials to guarantee long-lasting, high-quality decks and fences.

What post-installation services do you offer for decks and fences?

We provide comprehensive Deck Maintenance and Deck Repair and Installation services, addressing every detail from railing repair to deck chair placement for an amplified customer service experience.

With unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and customer care, Round Rock Fence and Deck Pros stand as the favored choice for consumers in search of a peerless outdoor experience. Call us today at (512) 647-2759 to begin crafting the outdoor space of your dreams.

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